About KetchHot

How I Discovered KetchHot

Like you, I love hot and spicy foods. I also love eggs for breakfast. For years I had searched for ways to spice up my eggs. This eventually resulted in the discovery of KetchHot, the award winning gourmet tomato ketchup. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a brief history of my quest for hot ketchup.

So there I was, staring at my breakfast one morning. I thought to myself, “I wonder how that new extreme gourmet hot sauce I bought would taste on these eggs?”

I opened the bottle and put a few drops on my eggs and took a taste. It was hot! It was very hot! And then, all I could taste was hot sauce.

I love hot sauce, but sometimes the extreme heat and vinegar taste interferes with the flavor of good food. I wanted more, something that would compliment food as well as reward me with a healthy level of heat. Hot sauce, alone, was not what I would call “egg friendly.” What I wanted was a hot ketchup.

The next day at breakfast, I put a dollop of ketchup on my plate and stirred in a pea-sized drop of that extreme gourmet hot sauce. The taste was great with the eggs. There was a slight sweetness from the tomato ketchup, and it wasn’t too hot. “Now this is more like it,” I thought. But, my search was not over just yet. The tomato ketchup did tone down the harshness of the hot sauce, but the flavor was now divided into two distinct tastes, ketchup and hot sauce. I wanted more. I wanted a true gourmet hot sauce that blended the heat of the peppers with the flavor of the tomatoes in the ketchup.

Then the real experimentation began. I started to study hot sauce recipes and did research on hot peppers. I bought books, read articles, and sent emails with questions to hot sauce manufacturers. After accumulating enough information I began to formulate the recipe that would eventually become KetchHot.


I started with the basic ingredients of ketchup and added brown sugar and a blend of spices. But, I still needed a healthy level of heat. I didn’t want a “hot sauce” flavor, so I went directly to the source and used fresh habanero peppers. After adjusting the heat level I had finally developed KetchHot, a true super-hot gourmet tomato ketchup.

“So, what is KetchHot? A hot sauce or a ketchup?”

KetchHot is much more than just hot ketchup, plus it has more character and flavor than a hot sauce. KetchHot is an all-natural, super hot gourmet tomato ketchup made with brown sugar, spices, and habanero peppers for lots of heat and flavor. KetchHot has a subtle sweetness and gives the mouth a long lasting icy-hot glow. It tastes great on any foods you normally enjoy with ketchup or hot sauce.


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