New Batch of KetchHot in May, 2015

Habanero_closeup_edit2[1]We have scheduled a new batch of KetchHot to meet the growing demands of our fans this Summer.  As with the last batch, we are using FRESH habanero peppers for their amazing flavor.  And we use a little habanero pepper mash to add texture and even more flavor.

Look for KetchHot at Leightys SOON.




Expanding KetchHot’s Market ” The Push is ON”

KetchHot will soon be coming to Central Pennsylvania!  Look for KetchHot in stores and restaurants in the Altoona area.

The WEIS food store chain is evaluating this glorious product right now. We can all make this happen faster, if we collectively ask the stores if they are carrying it yet, or when will they be carrying it. I will be approaching other major food carriers in the upcoming weeks and I will keep you posted.


KetchHot In Central Pennsylvania

My name is Clint Baker, I have become locally known as the “Ketchup Guy”,  I have been setting up a table now since June of this year selling this culinary delight at Leighty’s flea market on Sundays. I have enjoyed being visited by many of you in the central PA region at this location, but as you may know, it is not a year round venue. I will be soon moving on to seek other locations, to change the way others prepare their foods and warm their pallets with my amazing sauce. I would not leave you hi and dry however. If you were to just cross the road (old 220) and visit the Leighty’s Farmers Market, you will find that they now carry this wonderful elixir and you can purchase it 7 days a week now, not just on Sunday.

If you would like to buy larger quantities of KetchHot and would like to get better pricing, feel free to contact me at to arrange purchase of KetchHot.

New Batch of KetchHot Finally Arrives!

Just got back from Punxsutawney, PA, with a brand new batch of KetchHot.  Like fine wine, tomatoes and peppers are subject to weather conditions around the world, and this latest batch of KetchHot has some unique features.

The heat level is a little higher then last time, plus there is a little less sweetness due to this year’s crop of habanero peppers.  This batch has a nice bright flavor hue and will go very nicely with burgers, fries, and anywhere ketchup is welcome.

This batch won’t last, so please place orders soon!